Women in US Academic Research in Robotics

This is an active, monitored list of women with PhDs involved in US academic research in robotics. “In robotics” is defined here as working with physical robots and publishing in established robotics conferences and journals.

The purpose of the list is to serve as a resource for those seeking expert candidates for panels, speakers, recognitions, awards, and activities aiming to promote diversity and inclusion. The scope of the list is focused based on its purpose and the available expertise and resources for monitoring and updating. We welcome members of the robotics community who will volunteer their time to expand this site to include more sublists/groups (women outside academia, other underrepresented groups in robotics, other countries) by doing data entry, list monitoring, updating, or forking the repository. If you are interested in volunteering, contact us via the Correction form, below. We hope that many such lists will be created to recognize the diversity of contributors to all fields of research and development. Here is a link to this website's public repository. FAQ.

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